Tree Marking

Marking by tag for tree to be felled and for logs to be cross-cut from the felled tree

  1. Record location - Coupe, Block, Species;
  2. Measure d.b.h. to determine Min. Cutting Limit, if sufficient;
  3. Measure the size of the tree at the cutting or Chainsaw line.


Felled tree

  1. Measure the stump to determine the max. size of the tree and the butt end of the 1st log;
  2. Tag the stump bearing tree number;
  3. For added security incise the tree number on the stump in case the tag is removed either intentionally or otherwise;
  4. Determine the number of pieces of each log, then crosscut;
  5. Measure LOG 1, LOG 2, and son on;
  6. Stamp the REGISTERED PROPERTY HAMMER MARK on each log; and,
  7. Logger can apply for one (extra) blank tag as an immediate substitute in case tag for tree number or company production number is lost.


Tag the logs bearing tree number


Original tag with barcode for marking tree and logs

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