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 Special Features of Our PVC Rigid Tags

Our current tags are the products of the accumulated experience from many years of testing and producing such tags and are eminently suitable for use in all aspects of the forest industry.

The imported rigid PVC sheets that we use for the production of our PVC tags are manufactured to our exact specifications and colours. The coloured sheets are made from resins with the colour pigments blended in, and the tags are tough and are “non-tearable”. It can withstand rough handling and does not become brittle or discoloured even after prolonged exposure to the elements. The PVC tags are guaranteed with a tension strength of 465 kgf/cm2 approved by the authority in Taiwan, Our imported PVC sheets are specially made to one side rough and one side smooth. The rough side plastic are good for printing and writing by paint-marker for long lasting and non-erasable. Using a Zebra paint marker writing on the rough surface of our tags will not discolour for at least one year and will remain legible for years.

Advantage of PVC Tags for Logs Marking/ Trees Marking

  • It is conspicuous and is easily read from a distance;
  • It is expeditiously applied i.e. by use of industrial gun-tacker;
  • It is cheaper;
  • It is more durable; and
  • It is very flexible e.g. different colour tags can be used to differentiate various destinations and different species on different royalty rate.
  • Logs Tags has proven to be a far superior method of log marking, therefore, marking on logs for royalty assessment by PVC tags has evolved out of necessity.

Why use plastic tags as log marking/ tree marking?

Number System Sdn Bhd can claim the honour of introducing plastic tags for log marking in Malaysia. It is introduced out of necessity. For almost half a century various methods of markings were employed but as more forest areas are logged and logging industry expanded and volume increased by heaps and bounds the old methods of marking could no longer be used. The old methods involved the use of paints and brush; at one stage chiseling, and a combination of both, and in some regions using cardboards and zinc and tinplates. All these were time consuming, cumbersome, expensive, wasteful and above all dangerous. Markings were easily and speedily defaced. The advantages of using plastic tags are manifold overcoming all the difficulties over the old methods an dabove all are cheap, safe and flexible.

Purpose of log marking/ tree marking

Proper and clear markings on a piece of log is a very important integral part in the log production industry as it denotes:

  • origin of harvesting units;
  • species and species group;
  • origin of forest - types;
  • status of forest estates;
  • dimensions and volume;
  • royalty value;
  • destinations;
  • registered proprietor/ ownership;
  • category of produce;
  • series of numbers by consignment; and
  • any other information where necessary.
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