Tags/ Labels - Sarawak Log Tagging System

The existing log tagging system in Sarawak uses two different pairs of plastic tags with one tag from each pair attached to each end of a log. The two pairs of tags are respectively known as Coupe/Block (CB) Tags and Royalty Assessment Tags. In August 1995, the Sarawak Forest Department introduced an enhancement to their above tagging system using colour coding. Effective from 1 January 1996, the following types of tags are to be used:

Category Colour of Plastic Tag
Logs for Exports
Logs for Veneer/ Plywood Mills
Logs for Sawmills
Logs Harvested via Heli-Logging
Logs Harvested under Pole Size P40
Logs Harvested under Pole Size P30
Logs Harvested under Pole Size P20
Logs Seizure used with crown mark
Logs for Production Identity
Metallic Orange
Dark Blue
Light Green
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The above ruling was made in order to ease the identification and monitoring of logs meant for export and those destined for local processing in veneer/ plywood mills and sawmills. A rebate on royalty paid is given for logs used in local processing. As the rate of rebates are different for logs processed in sawmills and those processed in veneer/ plywood mills, these logs are also different identified with yellow and orange tags respectively.

Category IV has already been in force since the beginning of helicopter logging operation in Sarawak. All logs harvested via heli-logging are allowed for export.

Category V-VIII logs for pole size harvested for clearing for plantation purposes, and Category IX has been implemented for Logs Production Identity for pilot project for logs tracking purposes and this applied for Sibu region only.

Coupe/ Block Tag

Before a log can be removed from the forest/logging block, a pair of CB tags are attached, one to each end of the log using a gun-tacker. The CB tag has the following:

The coupe number, block or landing number, the specie code are written on the tags using an approved black paint marker.

Royalty Assessment Tag

Before presentation of a log for royalty assessment, a pair of these tags are affixed to the log, again one on each end. The tag has the following:

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